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maveo pro: Because it makes everything simpler.

Easier programming, faster maintenance, better planning.


maveo makes life simpler. maveo pro makes your work easier and opener programming intuitive. Whether your customer uses maveo or not, you benefit from guided commissioning during installation. You can program the opener with a few clicks using the maveo pro app and integrate accessories with maveo.



Equipping door and gate openers with maveo

Current door and gate openers from Marantec and MFZ can be equipped with maveo. Older openers can also be integrated. No need to buy a new door or gate opener. Many garage door openers are compatible from mid-2012 and external door openers from 2014 (check stick compatibility).

No cables

In contrast to wired solutions, there is no need to install cables between the various components. Straightforward installation shortens the customer installation time.

MS-bus – just plug it in

Door and gate openers from Marantec and MFZ are connected to maveo via the opener control unit. In order to do so, the maveo stick is simply plugged into the MS-bus connection on the control unit. Then the system can be programmed and read.

Easy addition of accessories

Expand maveo’s functions with new accessories. This is child’s play thanks to step-by-step instructions in the app. It is even easier for accessories with NFC, such as maveo sensor.

Competent specialist partner support

We provide specialist partner support to make sure you get the right answers to all your questions about maveo: Individual advice and technical service, telephone hotline available Monday through Saturday. End users also find help for questions about maveo in the FAQ.

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maveo pro for the expert! Initializing, service & maintenance


maveo stick for specialist partners

maveo stick for specialist partners

Straightforward quick programming on commissioning, even for customers who are not yet using maveo.

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maveo pro app

Exclusively for our specialist partners. A better overview, because you want to do more: For fast commissioning, maintenance, planning.

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maveo pro app

Specialist partner support

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