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Operating manuals

Downloads at a glance: Our manuals provide answers to your questions.

maveo operating manuals: No need for tedious searching. All maveo operating manuals are found here at a glance. With step-by-step explanations for the teaching and operation of all maveo components. From the maveo box to the maveo stick and maveo app. Clearly structured and easy to understand. You still have questions? Check our FAQ. Also available: The EU declarations of conformity as basis for the CE marking.

Operating manuals

maveo box

(pdf, 327.7 KB)

maveo stick

(pdf, 283.3 KB)

maveo sensor

(pdf, 276.2 KB)

Declarations of conformity

maveo box declaration of conformity

(pdf, 80.2 KB)

maveo stick declaration of conformity

(pdf, 79.7 KB)

maveo sensor declaration of conformity

(pdf, 79.8 KB)