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Internet of Things: Take control.



What is the Internet of Things?

Networking or Internet of Things

Networked doors, blinds, lighting, heating, room monitoring, or even your refrigerator – that is the Internet of Things (IoT). Your benefits: reduced energy consumption, better security, and enhanced comfort.

Trend – welcome to the future

The more you integrate everyday devices for control via your smartphone and other networks, the closer you get to the Internet of Things. It is the trend of our age. What do you get out of it? Better security and enhanced comfort, day after day.


Smart devices are able to talk to other smart devices. Data are exchanged by devices to serve specific functions. Door openers for example that automatically ventilate your garage when your car is wet.

Everyday life: simpler and more secure

The Internet of Things makes life easier for us by networking smart devices. Close your doors on the way to work, or take a look into your garage with the camera while you are away. 



What of that can maveo do?

Smart home: improved quality of life

The processes in a home can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the residents. Intelligent, networked smart living devices provide improved security, enhanced comfort, in short: a better quality of life.

Use maveo easily and intuitively

The "Smart with maveo“ app and your networked devices can be operated easily and intuitively from the outset. Scenarios are set up once, then maveo automatically controls the networked devices the way you want.

Improved security for you

Smart home lets you keep an eye on your home at all times. You can control and check on your home via your smartphone and the Internet, even when you are away. Check whether the garage and the door are shut from anywhere.

Smart energy reduces costs

For example, maveo sensors check the humidity and temperature in your garage. It therefore closes automatically, or the light turns on when it is needed. This lets you reduce energy consumption in your home and save money with no loss of comfort. 

Protecting the environment

Smart living saves resources while maintaining comfort. Smart control considers the weather, like strong sunlight or cold conditions. The individual preferences of the residents are taken into account.

maveo checks doors remotely

With maveo you know whether the garage door or gate is currently being opened, or whether everything is closed – the way it should be. maveo sends a message to your smartphone’s lock screen, even when you are not at home.

Remote operation

Flexible operation of your door from away. If a photoelectric barrier is installed, you can also use the maveo app to control your door remotely. Just in case your kids once again forgot to close it. The photoelectric barrier guarantees safety.

Up to date: maveo keeps on getting better

maveo inspires. More and more partners are participating. New functions, new trends, and new products are being integrated. That is why maveo gets updated. Regularly and automatically. This guarantees that you will continue to benefit from new functions in the future.

Secure 256-bit encryption

Online banking security is our role model. When it comes to protecting your data, maveo has very high standards. The data are encrypted on the transmitter side and only decrypted again by the receiver, with a key length of 256 bits.