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The car is wet: Open the garage door with your mobile phone, and more

maveo makes your garage smart. You can use your mobile phone to open the garage door. If your car is wet, the maveo app with the optional humidity sensor asks if the garage door should be left open for ventilation. You decide with a wipe over the lock screen. The door opens a little, air circulates, and your car dries. Today’s smart garage is that simple. 

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Use maveo easily and intuitively

The "Smart with maveo“ app and your networked devices can be operated easily and intuitively from the outset. Scenarios are set up once, then maveo automatically controls the networked devices the way you want.

Improved security for you

Smart home lets you keep an eye on your home at all times. You can control and check on your home via your smartphone and the Internet, even when you are away. Check whether the garage and the door are shut from anywhere.

maveo checks doors remotely

With maveo you know whether the garage door or gate is currently being opened, or whether everything is closed – the way it should be. maveo sends a message to your smartphone’s lock screen, even when you are not at home.

Wi-Fi plus security & function

The maveo box uses Wi-Fi to connect to the router and smartphone. Over-the-air updates that deliver new features and functions as well as security & updates are reliably installed via Internet access.

Partner plugins

Many third-party products, such as Philips Hue lighting and the Netatmo weather station, are compatible with maveo and can be integrated into the scenarios. New functions are integrated as plugins per over-the-air update.



maveo comfort bundle

maveo comfort bundle

The comfort bundle turns your mobile phone into a garage door opener and knows that your car should dry after it rains.

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Marantec 300 series garage door openers

Comfort 360, 370, 380 – these Marantec garage door openers represent convenience and efficiency. With maveo, they become smart as well. 

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Marantec 300 series garage door openers