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Opening and closing doors according to temperature

maveo can open or close doors according to the temperature. Colleagues are leaving doors open when it gets cold, causing heating costs to soar? maveo can help you save energy. Doors can be automatically opened or closed depending on temperature or humidity. That saves energy and maintains a good working atmosphere.

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Intelligent industrial control

With maveo, intelligent industrial control and monitoring means that the control unit and door opener were developed for commercial requirements from the outset, and can be programmed and controlled accordingly. Individual solutions are available for all operations.

Scenarios ensure efficiency

Stored processes ensure efficiency in your operation: Business routines can be easily programmed in scenarios and then executed automatically. Door opening and closing times in your workshop for example, that run regularly and are monitored by sensors.

Protecting the environment

maveo saves valuable resources with no loss of comfort. Smart control considers the weather, such as strong sunlight or cold conditions. Individual operating sequences and routines in your company are taken into account.

Wi-Fi plus security & function

The maveo box uses Wi-Fi to connect to the router and smartphone. Over-the-air updates that deliver new features and functions as well as security & updates are reliably installed via Internet access.

Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy

Bluetooth® replaces a cable connection with wireless signal transmission between devices over short distances. It connects the maveo stick in the door opener to the maveo box and other Bluetooth®products.

Equipping door and gate openers with maveo

Current door and gate openers from Marantec and MFZ can be equipped with maveo. Older openers can also be integrated. No need to buy a new door or gate opener. Many garage door openers are compatible from mid-2012 and external door openers from 2014 (check stick compatibility).



maveo comfort bundle

maveo comfort bundle

maveo thinks with you in more than one way. When the humidity sensor detects excessive humidity in your workshop, it brings fresh air into your operation.

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maveo stick for expansion

Your business is growing? maveo grows with it. Use the maveo stick to integrate another door into the smart control system. 

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maveo stick for expansion