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Quitting time: Doors close automatically

You program the quitting time scenario using your smartphone or tablet. The doors close at the established time. These can be sectional doors to the halls, but also the sliding gate to the yard. That boosts security for the operation and provides peace of mind for the employees. After all, quitting time only comes when the last customer leaves. maveo controls the day-to-day routine and improves security.

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Smart business for security

The intelligent opener improves security at work. Smart business lets you network the components. They communicate and respond to each other. That improves security for employees, products, and your business.

Intelligent industrial control

With maveo, intelligent industrial control and monitoring means that the control unit and door opener were developed for commercial requirements from the outset, and can be programmed and controlled accordingly. Individual solutions are available for all operations.

Scenarios ensure efficiency

Stored processes ensure efficiency in your operation: Business routines can be easily programmed in scenarios and then executed automatically. Door opening and closing times in your workshop for example, that run regularly and are monitored by sensors.

Wi-Fi plus security & function

The maveo box uses Wi-Fi to connect to the router and smartphone. Over-the-air updates that deliver new features and functions as well as security & updates are reliably installed via Internet access.

Secure 256-bit encryption

Online banking security is our role model. When it comes to protecting your data, maveo has very high standards. The data are encrypted on the transmitter side and only decrypted again by the receiver, with a key length of 256 bits.

Equipping door and gate openers with maveo

Current door and gate openers from Marantec and MFZ can be equipped with maveo. Older openers can also be integrated. No need to buy a new door or gate opener. Many garage door openers are compatible from mid-2012 and external door openers from 2014 (check stick compatibility).



maveo starter bundle

maveo starter bundle

Totally smart, totally maveo: Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your hall doors and exterior doors and gates while maintaining an overview.

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Marantec openers for exterior doors and gates

Marantec openers systems move everything you want to move. In any weather, hot or cold. Now also with maveo.

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Marantec openers for exterior doors and gates